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**Prices are in Canadian dollars**
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Pulley - 60 Cycle Hum Repress
Pulley - 60 Cycle Hum Repress
Pulley - 60 Cycle Hum Repress
DustyWax Records

Pulley - 60 Cycle Hum Repress

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It’s been 25 years since Pulley's sophomore release ‘60 Cycle Hum’ came out. And in all that time it’s never seen a repress.

Officially licensed from Epitaph records, Dusty Wax Records Is proud to bring this underrated gem from 1997 back to life on limited and colored vinyl. Cut at 45rpm to ensure a maximum playback sound quality.

This year also marks the 20th anniversary of Jim Cherry's passing. 

This pressing will be dedicated to his memory. Aug 2nd 1971 - July 7th 2002

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Pressing info:

Electric Blue: 225

Clear/Blue smoke: 175

Clear/Blue Starburst: 100

Total: 500

Side A

1 If 2:09

2 Locked away 1:57

3 Havasu 2:07

4 Reality 2:08

5 Mandingo 1:40

6 Scab 0:57

7 Where are you now? 2:03

Side B

1 Hold on 2:15

2 Padded cell 4 walls Pt 2 2:15

3 Noddin' off 1:16

4 Separated 1:57

5 What 1:08

6 Endless journey 1:57

7 Outside opinion 2:15


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